Our goal is to build resilient communities and preserve local economies by collaborating with purveyors, makers, craftspeople, raw material providers, locally-owned small businesses, cottage industry, community organizations, artisans, and of course neighbors.

The story of Edition Local begins in a real community, in a small coastal town in Northern California, which has been, for a long time, a refuge for artists and creative thinkers. Instead of beginning by branching out digitally and globally, as is the norm these days in an increasingly technology driven society—we instead reached out to our neighbors through face-to-face conversation and interpersonal relationship. We knocked on doors and talked to the people who live around us. We began building relationships founded on open and equal collaboration and dialog.

Then, we asked friends to join us in pioneering a model of consumption, storytelling and community connectivity that we hope can be replicated within—and tailored to—communities near and far. And not just cities, where it is easier to know your neighbor because of proximity and infrastructure. We focus on inner cities, suburban towns, and rural environments where it is often harder to build resiliency and neighborliness due to lack of jobs, digital and interpersonal interconnectivity, a core of vibrant local businesses, active community organizations, or simply due to isolation or socio-economic issues.

Resilient communities require resilient relationships, strong local economies, inter-generational skill-sharing, and social entrepreneurship. We hope you will become involved in our grand experiment to Know Thy Neighbor.

Edition Local Goods and Services is a collective of curators, writers, and photographers that seeks to strengthen local economies. We are a purveyor of goods and services made and provided by the people in the locales we feature. Through this effort we support their creativity, their livelihoods, and their relationships with each other. We also tell their stories, which are portraits of both people and the places that they live in. Through storytelling, e-commerce, place guides and pop-up shops, we share the stories of the neighbors who are integral to the life of your community. We believe in building up an ecosystem of meaningful work, inter-generational skill sharing, social entrepreneurship, and strengthened community bonds.

Edition Local Journal is a daily collection of stories,  knowledge, events, and thoughts about creativity, art, trade, collaboration, consumption, geography, and place. It’s a space for visual inspiration, a forum for thought, and a casual look at what our neighbors and friends are up to.

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Recent Articles


When I visited Leonard Koren at his home last October, he told me that when he first set out to write about the notion of beauty—or more specifically, the kind of beauty he felt most deeply drawn to—, a Japanese monk told him, “That will take you many lifetimes.” But in this lifetime, at least, […]

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Lina Jane Prairie

Today we’re inspired by the kelp baskets of Inverness artist Lina Jane Prairie, who has a kelp harvesting license through the state. She uses two types of seaweed in her work: bull kelp and walking kelp. She writes: “When I walk on a shore I examine every seaweed. The colors, patterns, shapes, and textures of […]

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ELEMENT: Sweetgrass

Element /’eləmənt/: one of the simplest or essential parts or principles of which anything consists, or upon which the fundamental powers of anything are based. Today on the Journal, we begin our Element series, an exploration of the elemental things that are simple but essential parts of our environments. Our very own Asia Wong, artist […]

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